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Booking a table is easy and done in no time.

A visit to Texel is not complete without a visit to Eigeweis!

Book by phone

You can also make reservations by phone for lunch and dinner. Call us at telephone number +31 (0)222 317590 between noon and midnight. For exact opening hours, check the bottom of this page.

Walk-in/ Walk-in

You can also just come by and make a reservation on the spot. If a table is available, you can take a seat right away.


We do not take telephone or online reservations for the terrace. So you can just come by and if there is a table available you can take a seat there.


A table up to 8 people can be reserved via online reservation. If the people in the group belong to the same household, they may sit at one table. If a table is not available online call us! Phone. +31 (0)222 317590.

Groups larger than 8 people can only book by telephone. Call us for the possibilities!

Delightful & CasualEnjoyment

at the Beach in the Street!

Restaurant Eigeweis!

The restaurant with about 150 seats is spacious, but also cozy and intimate. The warm blue, the sandy gray and the brass/gold accents allude to the Texel beach feeling.


The restaurant part of Eigeweis has about 150 seats, the “Sunset Lounge” is a separately decorated space with an atmosphere that alludes to the Texel beach feeling.

This semi-private room is also available to rent for meetings, birthdays and other events.

The Sunset Lounge can accommodate groups of 10 to 40 seated guests or up to 75 standing guests.

Dinner gift card

In addition to our own Dinercard, we accept no gift cards from third parties. To order an Eigeweis Dinnercard, please send an e-mail to: